Are you having a wonderful autumnal weekend?

  “My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”  ~George Eliot

Autumn on the river

Autumn on the river

Are you having a wonderful autumnal weekend?? I am, I adore this time of year which is taboo in my family since I come from a long line of ardent sun worshippers. I blame the Mediterranean blood that is pumping through our veins, my parents and siblings talk of flying south for the winter or entering hibernation; anything to find an immediate relief for their craving for warmer weather and to disappear before the onset of winter. I listen to the talk but I think layers of splendid clothes, passionate homemade food, cosy meetings with old friends, I think of fierce golds, reds and oranges, I think of glorious, cold, crisp, sunny days full of vibrant colour. I think of fireworks and festivals and Halloween and Remembrance and the distant call of Christmas, I think of time to draw people close for fantastic occasions.

Falling leavesFallign leave

Falling leaves

Everyone has a favourite season, mine is autumn. Autumn brings out my nostalgic side, this time of year is all about youth; Halloween and Bonfire Night delights and entertains the child in all of us. It is about going back to school or uni and seeing old friends, it is the new beginning after the long hot slog of summer. Even now when I don’t have to go back to an institution, there is still that excitement as the weather begins to turn and there is a promise of change and something different. Everyone is refreshed after the summer and ready to start a new or continue with renewed vigour.  It reminds me of all the things I have ever done and all the things that I still have yet to do.

Pumpkin Carving

My Witch, I was very proud of this

I love all the marvellous parties that come out to play. At Halloween I may be too old for Trick or Treating but I still carve a pumpkin and attend Halloween parties and go to the spooky walks that happen near my town. I love the feeling of being scared or not fully being able to understand the mystery of what is happening around me. I confess that I find the coming together of family and friends and celebrating the victory of good over evil on Diwali and Bonfire Night is awesome. I still find fireworks fantastic and magical and discover that I can ooo and ahh to my heart’s content without feeling out of place.



Most of all I love the falling leaves and the changing colours, the world becomes utterly stunning. The smell and feeling you get as you walk through the wind with swirling leaves for me is unrivalled. I spend hours just walking and going out for no reason other than to spend time in the mystical air that I know right down in my wrapped and booted toes can make everything better. One day, I want to spend Fall in New England in the USA, it’s on that list in my head of things I have to do before my heart grows too old and cold for such trivial things.

I worry that autumn is something that I loved in my youth and something I may grow out of in my adulthood, that as you grow older inevitably you stop understanding the magic and passion in this time of year. I don’t want to be bitter about the weather turning, the children screaming in fear and on sugar highs or the loud bangs. I want to spend it like I did this year dressing up at parties and on walks in woods intentionally being frightened and silly, I want to go out of my way to watch beautiful fireworks light up the sky with friends and drink hot chocolate in the cold. I want to always find the time to wrap up in scarves and hats and walk until I ache. I want to sit in the kitchen making noise with my family as we argue about the world and what is the best cake for the time of year. I think these are some of the small things that are missed in our ever-changing and hectic world.

I adore autumn, as for now it reminds me to grow old with colour and life.  Delicious autumn!


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