Bonfire Cake

Bonfire Cake or Spiced Toffee and Apple Cake has rapidly become a favourite in our home, well for everyone except my brother who is basically allergic everything and cannot eat it. After unearthing this in one of my Aunts magazines I went and ferreted it out on the internet. (Honestly what was cooking like before you could go and look everything up on the internet??) After only having it in our possession for a month or so my mum and I have baked it 3 or 4 times and while autumn is rolling on we have no intension to stop.

It reminds me of toffee apples and has a rich, fiery almost Christmas smell. This Bonfire night inspired cake for me reflects blazing colours of the leaves and warms you up. It also doesn’t hurt that it goes quite well with a steaming cup of coffee or tea and is fantastic to snuggle down with when things are getting chilly outside.

My Bonfire Cake

My Bonfire Cake

We like a little more kick in our food in our family so we add an extra tsp of Cinnamon, we also only use 8oz of butter rather than 9oz. Also the butter in this recipe really does need to be soft and despite what my own feeling about vanilla extract may be, it really is need in this recipe or it really doesn’t quite taste the same.



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