To blog or not to blog

I apologise for the clichéd title but it appeals to my inner turmoil about myself and blogging. (Please note in no way trying to compete with Hamlets turmoil.) A friend of mine asked if a blog was really a good idea?? Was having another place to have an online presence a good idea??  This coming from a person who has more drunken photos than a years’ worth of Freshers was a little ironic and I thought their fear is a little unjustified.

I really don’t worry about my online presence as much as I should, I have lots of photos but I’m not drunk in many of them and I’m more interested in capturing my friends then their antics or my own for that matter. I seldom put an opinion on Facebook, or make overt statement about things, beliefs or attitudes; these are my thoughts and need a proper forum to be expressed. So I suppose this is it.

Maybe that’s a lie; maybe I just want to be able to talk about myself although whether or not I’ll have something to say is an entirely different matter. Two things my generation seems to excel in is having very little to say and a great capacity to over share, and I’m fairly happy to acknowledge myself as one of them!! I still have mixed feeling about blogging, but I suppose this is a rather lovely reflection of my mixed feeling about my life and its current state.

Blogs are tricky things; I haven’t even figures out if blogging is a good idea yet. I could end up writing something that I really shouldn’t or I could end up getting jaded with my blog. I’d like to think that as an average person my experiences are relevant, I can give a step by step guide in surviving secondary school (private and state), being bullied, being blonde, having a respectable IQ, being a geek, being popular, having opinions, not having opinions, having an amazing time at uni, being true to yourself and striking a balance in understanding other people’s opinions. I can tell you how to maintain relationships with friends, better halves, siblings and parents as long as you under the age of 21 that is. Most importantly I can tell you exactly how difficult being young and existing in our developed and modern world is. I want this blog to engage with my generations struggle to define itself and my journey through this turbulent time of self definition.

What I think I know but have yet to really test is that life is nothing more than a random collection of experiences, it’s the knowledge you gain, the people that are there and how fantastic you make those moments that is important. I told my friend I had no idea if a blog was a good idea but since I had never know them take the time to fully read a Facebook status let alone an article or book, my blog would be forgotten by my friend very soon.


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