My Lost Blogs

I’d like to think that it wasn’t just me who did this, but, did anyone else read loads of blogs before they started writing one themselves? Thing is I have read blogs since I was about 13 I am now 21, I’d like to think I started reading blogs before it was cool but I doubt this is the case. I had them all saved in my bookmarks and favourites in a folder all their own. These were the blogs I spent years collecting and stumbled across, I loved them, they were very important to me. Every night I would pick a few, pray for new entries and read. I loved the idea of being a random view and would spend ages looking for new blogs or entries too. I was game to read anything and it was an important part in my growing love for the written word. Being dyslexic I have the attention span of a 3 year old on Christmas Day that can’t decide which toys, boxes or wrapping paper to play with first; blogs were an important part of me learning to have the discipline to simply sit down and read further than the opening page.

As you can imagine when I got a virus on my laptop through my universities inadequate software and virus protection and lost everything I was miserable. I was devastated having lost all my photographs and documents since I was 15, almost six years worth of work. I was very upset but it was a couple of days before I realised I had also lost all my blogs, that was the last straw I had a bit of a meltdown. I could deal with losing the digital originals of my photos I could get copies here, there, everywhere; most of my documents had been emailed to myself so I could work on them anywhere so there were copies. My blogs however they were a different matter they were gone, they had simply stopped to exist and I had no way to get them back. I had this great sense of loss some of these blogs I had invested years in they were part of my life, people I knew even if they didn’t know me and they were gone forever.

After 2 weeks of moping my computer genius friend agreed to look at my laptop, I had already had experts look at my it to see what they could save but I had neglected to mention the desperate desire for my bookmarks back in my life, so he was my last chance. If I’m honest I didn’t hold out much hope and while I cooked his payment for looking at my laptop (the first decent dinner he had in months) I let him play.  45 minutes later after much swearing and grumbling he looked over the top and smirked. First of all he apologised and then presented my laptop, there on the bright white screen were 10 of my blog bookmarks probably the oldest ones, he apologised again because he couldn’t recover anymore. I didn’t care; I loved him for just getting back 10.

I have spent hours trying to refind some of my favourite blogs especially the more recent ones and in some respects I have been quite successful, in others not so much. I had never realised that while I would recognise names of blogs I could not recall them at will. Very irritating, however this has meant I have discovered many new and interesting blogs through this search, so silver lining and all that.

I like to think that most things have an upside.



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