The wandering mind of a gym goer.

I have kind of been staring at a blank screen for a while; I have a few posts I have been working on but nothing that I want to publish yet. I am, however, off just now to visit my cousin with my sister which would mean that I wouldn’t be able to write anything until Monday. Hence the staring at a blank screen; when I set deadlines I am either never really happy with what I write or nothing really comes to mind to write about. This morning I gave up on staring at the blank screen and went to the gym …….where in my head I was still staring at the blank screen, trying to write my blog in my head.

I like the gym, sort of. I don’t like the gym because I am over weight, hate the clothes I have to wear and the fact I can’t wear makeup. I love taking care of my appearance and I could probably count on one hand the amount of people who have seen me looking less than immaculate, without make-up, without my hair being done. My sister is so rude, openly laughing when she sees me without make-up in coach potato clothes; she says it’s odd, like seeing someone for the first time without their glasses; they just don’t look like themselves. It’s alright for her she always looks epic even in her p.js. I like the gym because I like exercise, I play hockey, netball, cricket and rounders, and I horse ride and dance.

My favourite thing about the gym has to be how the mind is able to wander. For example, can someone explain to me why at the gym there always seems to a cooking or food program on the TV? It just makes me hungry and never for healthy things either. It’s all, add this much butter or cream I end up going home with cravings for chocolate cake or some ridiculously rich pasta sauce.

Oh and when I get home I’m going to have go and pick up my dance costume, which is pink, why are dance costumes always pink and outlandish? Another thing is some people wear some really odd things to the gym, one man today wore tracksuit trousers and a work shirt, why wear a shirt to the gym….. really?

Speaking of odd things that you see at the gym, why do couples come to the gym and bicker? Either bicker at home or don’t come together. You obviously need sometime apart if you are at a point in your relationship where you bicker about where an odd sock has come from and who did the laundry to create the odd sock.

I have also never figured out why men think it is appropriate to stare at women who venture in to the weights room. I am allowed to be here so don’t make me feel guilty because I want to do some toning. Likewise, yes I get it, you are thinner than me and are probably fitter this does not mean you can also stare at me, if you want the machine I’m on, wait. I have fifteen minutes on each machine, I do not exceed this and I’m not going to cut my time short just because you’re staring at me, so GO AWAY!! Making me feel all self conscious and irritated is just bad-mannered!!

The other thing my head seems to think about at the gym is the music. I mean does anyone actually like the music that is played? No it is awful, but if you turned it off or played something different everyone would notice and feel uncomfortable.

Recently I have so been thinking about what ever lilac monstrosity I’m going to end up wearing as a bridesmaid for some dear friends. Oddly, this doesn’t make me want to lose weight, it just makes me feel distraught that once again there will be an occasion in my life where I will look less than immaculate.


4 thoughts on “The wandering mind of a gym goer.

  1. I think it’s perfect. Just continue to write your random thoughts. That is what I do. I also think it’s quite ridiculous to have food programs on the television at a gym. I mean seriously, what person would want to suffer working out while watching food they shouldn’t be eating?! I have never been to a gym so I had no idea, but now that you point it out. I will never go to a gym. I’d rather do my push-ups, crunches, and yoga at home, where I can blast whatever music I want! Great post!

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