Bah, humbug.

How? How is it 10 days before Christmas? When did that happen? How have I missed this? I have heard the Christmas songs, received Christmas cards, the world has been decorated and everything seems to have become distinctly Christmassy, so how have I missed the fact it is Christmas in 10 days? How is it this close to Christmas and more importantly why do I not feel Christmassy yet?

I have been feeling very normal, despite the fact I have been doing Christmas activities I have yet to feel like it is Christmas. I still feel that it is miles away and I have plenty of time, but I don’t, not really. I’m not in a panic, it’s not like I have forgotten Christmas is happening, plans have been made, the presence have all been bought, some have been delivered, some still to be wrapped and I only have one more Christmas Hamper to prepare. Yes my house is looking unchristmassy but my sister is coming home tomorrow from uni and has insisted we wait for her to submerge the house in festive cheer. Really that’s the only last Christmas preparation to be done. There is mass amounts of Christmas cookie dough in the freezer just in case, biscotti has been made, cards have been written and threats have been issued to parents that if they don’t give us children a list or an idea of what they want they have no right to be disappointed with the presents they receive. (Really they have everything already, the only thing left to buy then is tat.) I have even masterminded seeing everyone I care about over the Christmas period and all the wonderful Christmas things I want to do.

What I want to know is: why is there a lacking of Christmas vibe on my end? I don’t believe it is the lack of decorations in my home, I’ve been at uni for 3 years and not attiring my home in a red and gold dress has never stopped the Christmas feel before. I did think that perhaps my uber organisation in getting all the Christmas presents earlier so not spending any time Christmas shopping with panicky people might have stopped the Christmas feel, if I’m honest however that activity drives me insane. I suppose this could be how ‘grownups’ feel about Christmas, just a big meh? If this is the case, I feel sorry for all ‘grownups’ and I leaving for the fountain of youth the day after New Years to restore my childhood because this is awful. What do ‘grownups’ do to feel Christmassy? Why am I not excited to see all the lovely people in my life and tell them how special they are? Why do children and everyone else it seems find this Christmas thing so much more exciting than I do this year? Anyone out there got a cure?

I have decided to steal a friends child (reality I’m removing the child so mummy can wrap mass amounts of presents) and we are going to see Father Christmas. If this doesn’t cure me I give up, because I’m probably just turning into to some sort of Grinch!! Or there is a Grinch haunting me who has stolen my Christmas spirit which is just rude mean unfair being a total jerk unchristmassy.


2 thoughts on “Bah, humbug.

  1. Sad to hear about all the unchristmassy feeling but know that you’re not alone in this. I, too, have been feeling that way considering that where I come from, we are known to celebrate the longest Christmas season. Then again, I haven’t been so much of a Xmas aficionado even after all these years.

    • Glad to hear I am not alone, I was beginning to wonder if anyone shared my feelings 🙂 It’s a really odd sensation for me as I love any excuse to see poeple and have fun. I do tend to treat Christmas as a long, exciting, social gathering. You never know the christmassy felling might kick in soon, maybe.


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