Christmas Limbo

Christmas DecorationsIs it just me or is the whole period between Christmas and New Year a bit pointless? For four days I am completely unmotivated and I have no interest in doing anything productive. I do nothing more than go on long walks, play with toys, eat too much and cosy up with family. The Crimbo Limbo for me is like hibernation I still get up and do things but I’m still a sleep, all relaxed and not getting very much done.

In the time between the aftermath of Christmas, before the wind up and wind down of New Years I just seem to wallow in love, kindness and pleasure, living in a sleepy blissful haze. It’s wonderful, if incredibly self-indulgent. My single issue at the moment is after having turkey pie, turkey stew and turkey sandwiches the last of the real food is gone and the only reminisce of food if trifle, Christmas cake and chocolate. I’m also in danger of the neighbour’s dog liking me more than his owners but that is only because I keep taking him on exceedingly long walks with new and interesting people.

In many ways I dislike the Crimbo Limbo it seems to drag on forever and can be very boring and frustrating with little to do, but at the same time it is great, the continuation of that lovely Christmassy feel I finally found.



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