The Monday Blues.

    Monday morning with that unsettled, unhappy feeling down in the pit of your stomach, isn’t it just delightful? It is easy to tell how bad your Monday blues are going to be by how large the irresistible urge to stay in bed and have 5 more minutes is. You can also tell how bad your day is going to be by how cold and harsh the weekday (that came all too soon after the weekend) appears from beneath the duvet. I n my case 5 minutes turned into 40 minutes of the duvet over my head wrapped so tight around my body I thought it would have to be surgically removed. I also contemplated marrying my bed, so I could refuse to even acknowledge there was a world beyond my mattress and never leave it.

I have to say I don’t usually have a problem with Monday Blues so I despise the occasional Monday where I feel sluggish and ill prepared for the day. I don’t care how few and far between they are Monday Blues are cruel and an unusual form of punishment after enjoying the weekend.  Today was also completely my fault, on Friday I was too busy running off to have fun to think about the amount of work I would have to do when the weekend was over. I woke up this morning with ‘phone calls to make, emails to follow up, references to check and a helpful lack of motivation. There was also a horrific underestimation by me on how long it would take my car to defrost, making me late and irritable. I appeared at work in a fluster that declined to disappear and despite the dawdling day at work I felt completely off my game and no amount of coffee (most of which burnt my tongue) was going to fix it! There was a hope that the blues would wear off by lunch, but no this was an all day affair. Today was a constant reminder that the weekend was a very long way away and Mondays were a crap way to spend 1/7th of my life.

I’d love to chalk today up to miserable weather, a bad weekend or failed resolutions, but I can’t. It wasn’t the fault of my vindictive alarm, or the frosty weather, or the fact I have another week of toil to get through. I can only put my Monday Blues down to my own inaptitude at functioning like a grown up. I going have to get better at acting like an adult or have a duvet day every Monday.


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