Oh hiiii…. Hi Friday, I erm didn’t see you there. Snuck in unexpectedly did you?? No, really?? Same time as always?? Damn, I suppose that means that I’ve just basically wasted a week by doing nothing other than turning up for work. I also suppose I’m regressing to student status again, when days of the week and time keeping are a magically myth?? Yep, that sounds about right.

I have done nothing this week apart from celebrating Crape de Jours, I mean it, nothing, I have got up, gone to work, come home and slept. I swear this is further proof that I am not in any way, shape or form cut out to be an adult with responsibilities. It is things like this that means I’ll miss bills being paid, tax thingys and those things that people have annually to celebrate their survival in this world for another year. I thought the whole time keeping thing was meant to be easier when you were employed??

When I was a student I didn’t ‘waste time’ I just lost track of it, you know reading (mostly irrelevant) stuff, lying on bed thinking about stuff, sitting and staring at a blank screen putting stuff together in my mind. Going for walks, having coffee, getting lost in the library and talking, there were just thousands of valid ways to lose track of time. When you have all these other things to think about, as a student, the hardest thing in the world was remembering what day of the week it was….

How, now I am doing a vaguely decent impression of an adult, can I still lose time?? Surely it is the first thing that comes to a grown up??

Is it really Friday??

I keep thinking it is Wednesday or something. There are so many things I meant to do this week……

Oh well, if it is Friday, I’ll err just pop down the pub then.



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