Picture Perfect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and as much as I adore the written word there is something undeniably pleasing about those frozen moments in time. At one glance a photograph can convey complex and wonderful ideas. I have hundreds; I’m not good at taking photos, just catching the atmosphere and those fun-filled moments that only happen once. Photographs evoke personal emotions and refresh faded memories.

A single unmoving image can characterise the feeling of a nation or an individual, it can record the faces and emotions of any number of people. We are able to share photos like never before; in this digital age at every moment there are flashes lighting up the air. We cherish photographs that have hundreds of random strangers in the background. We share in the moment of strangers, the happy ones, the unique and meaningful moments that can never be replicated only remembered.

  I can spend hours being surprised by the soap opera of my family played out through these still images. They are strangely comforting with familiar and smiling faces gazing at you from a moment forever preserved. My favourite photos are often nothing special just a single moment of smiles, dancing and laughter. I would photograph every moment just to keep it safe and with me forever, just so I could smile one day with someone special as I tell them my own story.

Tumbling Pretties here



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