It’s Snow wonderful.


Our secret view

Our secret view

It FINALLY snowed in Britain; and I do mean FINALLY, what is the point in winter if it’s not going to have a generous helping of the freezing sparkly stuff?? The UK had been having a perverted amount of warm weather; it didn’t really get below freezing until a couple of weeks ago. The last couple of days however have been wonderful finally some proper freezing, blustery, biting, winter weather.

I love snow because every time I see it, it’s like the first time; I’m still always full of excitement and anticipation. The first few flakes tumble and weave their way down in a beautiful dance that promises striking views and mountains of fun. Snow elegantly covers the world in a blanket of white glitter that vividly contrasts with the sky and sunsets creating tremendous sights. Houses and gardens engulfed in snow look otherworldly and the countryside whispers it awesome grandeur as the world for a small time is still and stands looking serene. Snow is fabulous to look at and fabulous to play in. Even my sun-worshipping family enjoys the snow, the whole street comes out to play, the old, the young and the in between. The planet beyond our street falls away while there is snow (we get a bit stranded if I’m honest) so we play like we are six and the world is our street and nothing more frightening.

Every time there is enough we walk down the road, over the gate, down the track over

The white sparkly stuff

The white sparkly stuff

the fence to our sledging hill, I can do it with my eyes closed because the short walk is eagerly emblazed on my mind. Sledging is like flying; so swift, so scary, so thrilling. There is also breathtaking view from that hill that is our secret. I have memorised how to build a giant snowman that you have climb to decorate and that melts so slowly it is there for days after the weather has warmed. I remember snowball fights that have enveloped our entire street and turned friend against friend, child against parent. I remember the first time it snowed on Christmas day, it was dark and my sister and I were already in our pyjamas after a long wonderful day. My dad in protest that his children were not playing in the snow through a snow ball at the back of my head, inside the house while we was playing board games!! This could not go without consequence, somewhere there is an amazing photo of me, my sister and brother in nothing but nightwear, in the middle of our snow-covered street throwing relentless snowballs at our father. Soon enough another father came to his rescue, so his children came to ours.

I have spent a childhood building snowmen taller than me, sledging so fast that I was determined I would never stop and having snowball fights in school uniform with teachers.  I don’t think I shall ever feel too old for the majesty of snow. I don’t worry I’ll wake up and I’ll see it as an irritation or inconvenience. I’m not silly enough to drive in snow, I’m not going to worry about missing something because I’m at home and I’ll was make sure my neighbours are okay. I will spend the rest of my life the way I have started loving the crisp, silence, splendid snow.    


4 thoughts on “It’s Snow wonderful.

  1. We don’t get snow from where I come from, it being a tropical country. And I’d probably die frigid instantly as I am cold intolerant. However, I feel bad for some places, in Reno, for example where children don’t get to enjoy the winter experience all because of the unusually warm weather.

  2. I was in the UK last winter; I arrived just before Christmas from Canada, and couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked! I’m now back in Canada, in Toronto, and I can hardly believe that we’ve had barely 7 days of snow here, and it’s sunny and warm, while you’re getting all that glorious snow there. Lucky you.


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