Rough morning

    So I’m admitting I am a little worse for wear right now and at 9am I have to function like a real person. Now I struggle with the concept of being a real person at the best of times let alone when there is still a significant amount of alcohol in my body, poor body (but I promise it was having a fun time dancing last night).  

   So here’s my ‘clever’ plan, lots of drug (2 mugs of tall black coffee and aspirin), Fine cuisine (find someone to make me bacon sandwich) and put on just enough makeup to make it look like I am human, without giving away that I am trying to hide something.  The problem is, as I get older this works less and less.

   I need a better cure, anyone got one……. please??    



Also find out what all my American friends are going on about something about a dad shooting his daughters laptop??


1 thought on “Rough morning

  1. Think about it this way: the more you believe into something, or that you are something, the more you become it through practice. Just be.

    The bacon sandwich sounds like a good plan.


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