Deluded 50’s Fantasy


Brigitte Bardot, France 1954

Brigitte Bardot, France 1954

I’d like to think I know how good I have it and how lucky I am to have been born in this age of hopeful lye quality, education and internet. I have ability to do whatever I wish to with my life with little repercussions from going against what would have once been considered societal norms and I have the ability to communicate ideas and thoughts with potentially thousands of people.

I only mention this as for the last week there has been no boiler in our house, well, no there is still a boiler in our house it just isn’t working, and you know when men, even men of the pluming profession think ‘ I am man I can fix this’, our boiler is apparently the exception to this rule. So it’s been cold like its 1950 and you know what? It really wasn’t that bad. As far as I am concerned I could have just about survived in the 1950. I love the cold it’s an excuse to wear layers and scarves and if I have a genuine excuse to wear them inside even better and thermal underwear now has cute little lacey bits, granny chic at its best. Better yet all those puffy out skirts, peep toe shoes and Monroe hair styles would have been wonderful.  Feminism may have been going through a bit of a bleak period but it was the beginning of a cultural revolution and I could have managed. If the worst thing about the 50’s was the fact you had to go to bed with a hot water bottle and wear extra layers of clothes I think I could manage.

Yeah, I should not have mentioned this thought to my parents, who just happened to have been around in the 50’s. There was an exchange of looks that just screamed ‘Our daughter is deluded’ and I should have exited the room as quickly as possible then. I didn’t and yes I was definitely deluded to believe this comment was just going to be passed over or was even accurate.

“Out of interest how have you been doing your laundry the last week?” My mum took the first shot with her cough ridden rasp of a voice.

“Errrr, washing machine??” I loved this part of the conversation; I had no idea where it was going.

“And how have you been doing the dishes?”

I had to think about this, I generally try to avoid anything with bits of old food stuck on but eventually I volunteered “the Dishwasher??”

“Oh and how have you been keeping your hair so clean and glossy?” my dad inquired with a smug smile.

Realisations can suck!! Particularly when they are slow and your parents get to be so, so, self-satisfied about it.

“Electric shower, yeah, fine I would have sucked in the 50s and you survived it; without heating or an electric shower and by doing dishes and washing by hand. Blah! Blah! But you know what? at least I know how to work the bloody DVD player.”  


2 thoughts on “Deluded 50’s Fantasy

  1. I cracked at the part where you were having an awkward with your folks. They do have a point. Then again, there’s a downside to it. Like, those born in the 50’s have difficulty adapting to the technological changes. Take my auntie for example: she still uses the traditional way of heating or steaming a food, when the microwave next to her is screaming its lungs out for attention.

    I, on the other hand, can manage, I think. I mean I grew up in a rural town, far from the metropolis. Even up to now, you get a taste of the 50s over there.

    • My parents are odd when it comes to technology both have laptops and use the internet and software regularly. They both even have smart phones and use facebook but cannot for the life of them fathom the TV or DVD remote and hate booking things online, which I do not get at all. Nope I think the novelty would wear off after scrubbing my clothes for 3 days, I’d crack and need some 21st century appliances.


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