Careers and Jobs

I dislike job hunting intensely!! I loathe career hunting but that is a whole different kettle of fish. Career hunting involves figuring out exactly what I want to do, which at times renders me so stressed I’m speech less or have really disturbing thoughts like ‘I just need to go to the gym and relax.’ Blugh! Job hunting only involves finding anything, no matter how trivial, that I can do. Job hunting is what I used to focus on until I got a job, where I don’t get enough money and the hours are long and unpleasant, if I think about it too much, I hate it to the point I want to quit. I don’t of course, I need this job because as I hunt for something better I realise how difficult that is. Knowing how lucky I am to have a job in this current climate doesn’t help as much as you would think.

I suppose it would help if I knew what I wanted to do. I have always had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, what grades I wanted, what I wanted to study, where I wanted to go after and whatever happened while I completed these vague notions was great. Now however I don’t even have a vague notion. I had an idea, I have now lost faith in it. I wanted to be a teacher, I’ve spent a life wanting to do nothing else; I just got scared, what if doing the same thing everyday I’d get jaded and be a bad teacher. I couldn’t bare that. There is also a lot I would like to achieve outside of teaching that would be difficult, there is a lot I want to do and I’ve come to the conclusion one life is not long enough to do it all. I could do lots of jobs, different jobs but I never really get anywhere, never progress. On the other hand I could choose a career and basically be doing the same thing for the rest of my life and as short as life is, a life time is a long time to do something you only vaguely like. I guess life is contradictory like that and jobs and careers just feel limiting.

I wonder how many of my generation or any generation just fall into careers while just looking for a job and it turned out to be right path? Do I just keep doing jobs and hope that one develops into a career? I am I expecting too much to do something I love? Should I simply focus on doing something I can stand? I never minded the lack of plan but I mind not having any idea of what I want to do, it feels like I’m on the edge of a huge foggy abyss. I worry about missing an opportunity, missing out on doing what I really want to do. Maybe I shouldn’t worry, I’m young, I could do anything, I just worry I’ll end up doing nothing.

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4 thoughts on “Careers and Jobs

  1. I know it seems that by the time you’re coming out of university the career should be set. But, not necessarily in stone. Not everyone is ready to attend college at 18 – making a career decision is even more difficult. As an workplace psychologist, I have a great respect for individual differences. So comparing people is fruitless. Your journey, is your journey, and It will lead you to where you need to be. Continue to do research on different roles, do some informational interviews and if you are not in the “perfect job” right away don’t fret. I am writing a post about this issue as we speak – it affects more people than you know.

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  3. First of all it is not an easy task to find the right career. It takes time and research. Sometimes you change your mind – sometimes you have doubts – but that’s alright.

    You just don’t want to become immobilized. You mentioned teaching. What is it about teaching that attracts you to the field? There are a lot of careers that involve teaching, but in different settings. So it is still possible to find something you love. Have you looked into the role of Instructional Designer or Corporate Trainer? Take a look, you never know.

    • I guess I just feel that I should know by now, and that looking for what I want to do is wasting time, that I should have come out of uni and have it figured.
      I want to be a teacher because I believe every new generation has great potential and I want to be part of that and have a part in peoples futures and reaching there best. I also want to pass on my passion and inspiration about Literature and the written word. I had some wonderful teachers that played a real part in the person I became an I want to that for others. I am looking into other ways to be involed with young people at the moment; thanks for your suggestions, they are great, I’ll look into them.


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