There are some things that happen once

There are some things that happen once and that’s it. For example everyone should go outside in the evening just now and look toward the night sky in the west if you are in the Northern hemisphere. You will discover that after the moon, Venus and Jupiter are the brightest objects in the night sky; they are there until at least Saturday side by side in the dark sky. A few weeks ago the Northern Lights were seen in Britain and my sister and I stayed up all night to wait for an opening in the cloud to see them. Okay so this is event is going to happen again and there is a chance I will see them again but it may not, this may only happen once in my life time. I think sometimes people are just too busy to notice the once in a life time things that will happen.

I could continue by telling you that every moment you have in your life will only happen once, and things like ‘you’ll never be as young or as old again as you are right now’ but I think that’s a bit clichéd. I am nevertheless a full believer in living in the moment and never regretting something you do because at some point ……it was exactly what you wanted.

There have been times when I have scarified a good night sleep for a night that was truly inspirational; a night I that will never get back or spent money I didn’t have to do something incredible. And that doesn’t include the time I have had to exert myself twice as hard in order to reconcile the time I spent on the unique experience I just had to have at that moment. I’m not saying working for a future is bad, I just worry that I’ll miss the life now, the moment that is once. There will be a life time of good night’s sleeps, of money saved and days worked hard. There will only be one moment to meet an idol, to watch the sunrise from a mountain to go somewhere you’ll never go again.

There is a possibility my children will never see the Northern Lights but I have stood in the dark and star gazed at the awesome night sky. There may be a possibility it will happen again, but there is a possibility it won’t. So live in the moment once, to live that once in a life time instant…. try it.


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