I can’t help but feel good about Spring (it’s not just because of my birthday, honest) I think it is all the promise that this season holds. It is the promise of something brighter, something fresher and something new. Spring unveils a whole new unspoiled world that has taken refuge all winter, nature seems to sigh with relief as a warmer blustery air shoos away the harsh winter and the blossom and buds leap forth.

It’s the promise of new colours, a whole new sea of yellow and blue and green. The promise of better days, of a new year that has barely begun, filled with life’s vigour as the days get warmer and longer. Finally the silence is broken the birds sing and bees hum and long missed butterfly is seen and the flowers shoot up out of the earth to greet a new day. New heads of fragile plants bob in a new wind that carries the secrets of life.

Spring is magical the world is lighter, brighter and miraculous with potential that has been bottled up all winter. It is full of the endless improbable possibilities. Spring is the season of the lovers and the passionate, those ready to risk everything for a smile and a laugh. It is filled with pleasure and excitement that bursts forth on a new breeze. Spring’s breeze is waited all winter for; it regenerates the world and the soul and although I love winter I would hate it to last forever, to never see the life of spring.   



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