My Avengers warm up, better late then never.

 “What do you think of The Avengers?” My friend asked me while standing at the bar buying us drinks.

“You mean Avengers Assembled?” Was my response as I kept him company.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, what did you think?”

“Haven’t seen it yet”

“What?! SERIOUSLY! I know it’s only just come out but I would have thought you were first in line.”

“I’ve only seen Iron Man and Iron Man 2, I haven’t seen the others and I don’t want to see the Avengers until I’ve seen Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, no….. wait, yeah all of them.”

“You haven’t se- who the hell are you, I feel like I don’t know you! You’ve changed! No you can’t have your drink, you haven’t seen Thor!!”

Before I explain this quote from my Saturday night where I wasn’t allowed a beer because I didn’t know how epic Thor was and my friend insistence that there is a significant possibility I have been replaced by a shape shifter or an android, I would just like to say something. Really Marvel you changed the name from The Avengers to Avengers Assembled in UK because we used to have a TV show called The Avengers in the 60’s and 70’s, really, how stupid do you think we are? I mean have you seen how much publicity is out for your film? Do you really think someone is going to get confused? Trust me everyone in UK is still calling the film The Avengers and not thinking about a TV series they have never heard of.

My friend’s reaction I suppose could be valid, I love comic books and most people who even vaguely know me know this, it’s really not a secret. I also adore action and hero movies, I think of them as feel good films, good usually triumphs and in a world that has so little black and white it’s a little bit comforting.  I know a lot about comics, and yes I maybe a self-confessed DC girl but Marvel at times has some spectacular moments. When Iron Man came out however I was underwhelmed and didn’t make the effort to see it, I had never been a huge fan of the Iron Man comics. As for the Incredible Hulk, after the 2003 attempt I wasn’t holding out much hope for the film.

But then I went to America and Iron Man 2 came out and someone physically sat on me making me watch Iron Man so they could drag me to watch Iron Man 2 on a road trip. Apparently I had to see them in order. I thought Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were amazing, I felt it was something fresh and an amazing take on what it is to be a hero. Stark no matter how great he thinks he is, knows he isn’t perfect, he knows he has flaws but don’t let these rule his life. It was fun, it was thrilling and it kicked ass, what more could a person want.

Since then I have had every intension to watch the Incredible Hulk and Thor and Captain America when they came out, but I didn’t see them. I don’t even remember why I didn’t. That was until last night where after been ridiculed, told I was betraying my inner child and being desperately ill; I decided I would lie in bed feeling sorry for myself for about 6 hours and watched Thor, Captain America and Incredible Hulk.

It was AWESOME!! These have to be the best 6 hours I have spent with my TV. I am an idiot for not seeing them earlier; I have wasted years by not having these films in my life. They made not being able to breathe, not only bearable but fun. And yes I’m pretty sure I wasn’t oxygen deprived or delirious. I am seeing The Avengers Avengers Assembled as soon as possible.


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