Why a slow week at work is bad for your health.

I remember in my youth (ha like I’m old now) that some weeks used to feel like they dragged but I don’t think I have every really understood the idea of a slow week until I got a job. I’m an underling, and when work is quiet I have nothing and I mean NOTHING to do. I mean what do adults do at work, when there is nothing to do. When I was at school I passed notes and day dreamed of the promise of 8 hot hazy summer weeks, I don’t even get those any more. I have also come to the conclusion that a sluggish week at work is incredibly bad for your health.

  1. A slow week at work means I’ve become frustrated, anxious and stressed, I’m not only bored but completely puzzled where has all the work gone?? I had some last week, so where is this weeks?? Have I just missed it, is there something massively important I am meant to be doing that I’m not?? Is it all just piling up and I’m  going to end up dealing with it all next week, which lets face it, would suck for future me. This worry makes me feel nauseous.
  2. Fear sets in as well like I said I’m an underling and if there is no work there is no job and I’ll be the first to go. Maybe I should be spending all this spare time figuring out how to make the copier machine work when the odd little light comes on and become a little less expendable. All this fear is equally not nice and I worry I may lose sleep; well actually the worry about losing sleep is making me lose sleep.
  3. Increased intake of coffee, tea and biscuits are beginning to take there toll. Having the time to frequent the kitchen is not helping the waist line, I can’t even remember how many cookies I had today and I pretty sure I don’t want to.
  4. I’ve started chit chatting with the people I work with more, because I now have the opportunity and this had lead to some of the most mundane conversations imaginable. I have also come to realise that I don’t like half of them as much as I thought I did. I also find out things I really really really didn’t want to know.
  5. After I have become lethargic, frustrated, worried, scared, fat and isolated it will inevitably not be a slow week next week, it will be a hectic week and I will want to go in a corner and cry and shout at the cosmos for just being irritating.




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