Hello Sunshine

HI SUNSHINE!! Where have you been?? I thought you had deserted the UK. Oh well, better late than never. I may have found a bright side to being a grown-up or adult or whatever. After a hard day’s work (yeah, that’s not the bright side) having your phone light up with a text from a friend expressing your exact thoughts, “Beer Garden?? 8ish??” I don’t think I have ever really appreciated a beer garden until now. I have decided that the luxury of driving to a wonderful pub or bar, finding that last table in the garden you can laden with drinks and surrounding it with excellent friends, was something worth waiting for.

Since the sun has finally decided to show its face this is an indulgence that is worth working all day for, worth finding those sunglasses that have been gathering dust and worth dragging yourself out in a hot and suffocating car to find somewhere where you can sit outside and let the world pass you by but for a few hours. I don’t think  many things in life that is more delightful that, settling down on a warm evening watching the night roll in with sounding yourself some choice friends and a first-rate drink. It is where lazy conversation, nostalgia and gentle laugher runs rampant. It is where friendships are cemented, love is found, places like this is where things happen lethargicly when you are not paying attention. Someone should have told me I could do this when I got older; I may have, possible, perhaps complained a little less or disliked the idea slightly less.



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