Missing words

I have not spent all my down time in the last couple of days reading missed WordPress post from the last 3 weeks, nope, definitely not :/

I’m currently seeing this guy and why this may not be a very big deal to me it is to everyone around me apparently. When it comes to my relationships I tend to keep things to myself, it is my business and I like to keep my family and friends well out of it. I mean if I have no idea what is going on, why would I let anyone else have an idea of what may or may not going on? This time however he is a friend of my sisters and the best friend of my cousin so they know and now everyone else knows. No chance of playing my cards close to my chest as everyone finally has a chance to be involved in my relationship.

I used to think as I got older I would have more of an idea about romantic relationships. I don’t. I don’t think relationships are ever simple, there is just a whole new range of issues and problems, and I think love, at least Hollywood, novel, fairytale love is an unrealistic goal. I just don’t think it is out there. None the less, I like dating, I like people, I like being appreciated, I like knowing I make someone happy, I like caring about someone, and I like having someone special.

My usual problem with relationships is I like space, lots of space. This really puts people on edge, they begin to think I don’t like them or I’m not interested. It’s not that I’m not interested, if I wasn’t interested why would I spend time with someone in the first place. I just don’t need a text every five minutes or a phone call, funny enough I haven’t done anything in that short period of time to talk about. I’m also not going to change all my plans to see someone, I have other friends and other commitments that I need to attend to, I will not drop everything, I had a life before I was dating and I’ll have one after. I’m like this, I like my world and sometimes I like to be alone in it, sometimes with friends and family, or working but I will always make time and room for someone. If someone doesn’t like this or wants me to change, I don’t think I am the girl for them.

For once my space issues are not the problem. This is something of a breakthrough considering I’m seeing a guy who texts me every morning at 7am before my alarm goes off. This is every day, very early and I don’t mind, sometimes I take a while to text back but I always do. I have either matured or I quite like this guy. He is also really lovely, which sounds really underwhelming but he is. He is delightful and sweet and really seems to like me. My problem is we are running out of things to talk about, really there is very little left for us to discuss. We don’t have a huge amount in common and I’m beginning to think that there is little point pursuing a relationship when we don’t have any conversation.

No matter how much you enjoy someone’s company and affection surely without conversation there is no future? Is it pointless to continue a relationship with no future, or is it okay to stay in it when you like someone and they like you and just letting the relationship runs its course?


2 thoughts on “Missing words

  1. Sometimes you can have a conversation by simply being in another persons presence. My fiance and I don’t talk all the time, for one because I really enjoy silent time to ponder my own thoughts, but also because it is unnecessary to always be moving your mouth. I feel that if a relationship can be blissful while silent as it is equally blissful in conversation then something is there. Talking is overrated. My best friend and I also have this sort of relationship, especially because we are so alike. We literally have friend dates at a bookstore or a Starbucks and read or do things on the computer while sitting together. It is actually satisfying for us both. Little conversations ensue, but not the entire time. I suppose, if you honestly don’t see a future with this person then it is a problem, but you don’t always have to have something to say in order to be happy with someone. As a side note to something you said in the beginning of this post, I too like to keep people out of my relationships, even once they become something bigger like the one I am in now. I have found that the more people are involved it becomes catastrophic to the relationships success, however, this doesn’t mean people can’t know about any of it. Just not in the sense that they are literally reading a novel where you and your beau are the stars. 😀 Good luck with you guy and whatever journey you both decide to pursue.

    • I think I worry that we have run out of things to talk about really early in the relationship, but I’m definitly going to see what the silences are like. I have begun to wonder if I’m panicing about the converstaion for no really reason and if I’m not giving the relationship a chance. Thanks for the luck, since I’m not great at relationships I might need it 🙂


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