V Featival

V Festival was this weekend, and well, it was very much needed. At the age of 22 I’m a festival veteran, I have been going for years with my parents and then with friends and this year would make it 11 years of attending. V festival has most the things I would need for a good weekend, amazing music, crap food, fab company, a fun fair and the fantastic potential of adventure and memories.

No matter my age I love V, I spending the weekend chilling out and dancing to music. It sets me up for the year as it constantly makes me feel free, myself and happy. I’ve seen my favourite music acts there and discovered new ones. I have made new friends, cemented old ones and known that some were coming to an end there. I’ve celebrated the ending of eras, new ones beginning and simply being alive at V festival.

The thing about V is that I never stop marvelling at the fact thousands of people choose to spend their time and money sitting in a field (standing if it rains) and listen to music. When you’re there it’s hard to think of anything more wonderful.

O internet, how I have missed you!!

I have internet again!! It is official I need the internet, I have no problem in admitting I may have a problem and may be a little addicted to it because believe me 2 almost 3 weeks without it I was clawing at my own skin. I’m so thankful I have it back I feel like I have been missing part of my body. I had never realised how use facebook was in being able to maintain relationships and keep up on your friends’ actives, miss a week of facebook and you might as well be living under a rock for all you’ll know about you friend’s lives. I have to keep having really mundane conversations to figure out what my friends have been up to so I can understand their references, which is a lot of hard work that could have been simply solved by five minutes on facebook.

My friends have even begun to think that I had dropped off the edge of the earth or something which is really distressing. I don’t want anyone to think I am ignoring them and I really don’t want to be ignored. I was bored and in desperate need of hilarity. Most of my commutation is done through my laptop and the internet in some form or another, so my poor phone had been having a horrendous work out and had no idea what hit it. It had never been used so much ever, I’m not even sure my phone knew how to make phone calls.

The other thing about having no internet is that my main forms of entertainment is my radio with fill my space with voices and tunes all day, reading and my laptop, mostly reading on my laptop and occasionally watching something on demand. I’m suffering from major book hangover so I don’t anything to read at the mo to whisk me away from a world devoid of the internet. My friends and family would of course choose this time in my life to suddenly develop their own lives and be too busy to take some time out and entertain me. I never spent so much time at the gym just to amuse myself, the bright side of this is I now know the name of the receptionist and the best time to go and perve on the gym at the gym who looks like Chris Evens and when to go when I want to be ignored and just have a lazy work out.

This is also my excuse for disappearing …..again. So Hiiiiiiiiii, hope you are all well, sorry this is rushed and I’ll hopefully write something else soon, right after I spend a couple of hours reading all the lovely posts I missed over the last 3 weeks.

Questions raised by The Amazing Spider-man

Why do people still not know who Stan Lee is? Seriously, the guy behind me in the cinema said “Hey that guy is in all the Avengers films,” during Stan Lees cameo, how can people not know who he is when he is everywhere and the King of Marvel comics??

Why is it that the really tall tower in the middle of the city is always the centre of evil??I mean if you want to hatch a plot and hide out of the good guys do it in the middle of nowhere.

Is it okay for me to be irritated by people who don’t understand that the 2002 and 2012 are based on slightly different continuities??

Where have all the lines from the Trailer gone?!

Why does no one think, “how the hell does Parker suddenly have the ability to lift Flash off his feet when he was being pounded on last week?”

Why does Uncle Ben have to die?! Why is it so much worse knowing he is going to die for the first quarter of the movie??

Film makers, do you think it is realistic that Peter Parker would use Bing as a search engine??

Where did the evil guy (not The Lizard)go?? He just disappeared??

Why do people leave before the end of the credits in a Marvel film? REALLY HAVE POEPLE NOT LEARNT YET??

Why is the little ‘Superfamily’ fangirl actually a little disappointed that Peter Parker isn’t the child of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, it should really know better.


Why do I think these question during what is an awesome film? Geek in my head just shhhhhhhhhhhhh and watch the movie.

Real World Blues

This photo pretty much sums up my holiday: sun, laziness, beer and aesthetically pleasing things. The only productive things I did on my holiday were learn to sail and read 5 books (both of which I actually quite proud of J ). Sailing was horrifyingly simple and I have no idea why I have spent the first 22 years of my life watching other people sail. I am by no means a great sailor, I’m not making plans to go and become a pirate queen somewhere but I know my way around a boat now, which must come in useful at some point… right??

I have finally got around to reading the Hunger Games Trilogy which means that I have spent the last couple of days since I got back explaining what happens to people who have no interest in making the effort to read the book or watch the film because they are tired of feeling out of the loop. It is a really odd series to explain, there is Panem, the Capital, the districts, the Hunger Games, a Quarter Quell, then there are the relationships and people, and then after all that you have to tell people what happens and you just end up with them staring at you appalled. I also read The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (awesome book) and the first book in the Mistborn series The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, which a friend of mine was badgering me to read at uni and I finally got around to it (impressive book).

So far coming back off holiday has sucked, massively, which really isn’t that remarkable. Weather in Britain is actually awful, rain and wind and cold. It has been miserable and completely removed from the hot temperatures I enjoyed. Work has been incredibly dull, and well it’s work, I actually have to function rather than roll out of bed, put on sun cream and position myself with a book in the sun. People at work actually expect me to be congenial and productive, not hide behind a book or sail. O and my boss still has a better tan than me which is just massively rude!!

The only plus side is coming back to WordPress, but even that has a down side as I am massively paranoid that someone will have written something amazing and I’ll have missed it. If you have, can you just tell me in the comments okay?? I would really appreciate it.

Hello Sunshine

HI SUNSHINE!! Where have you been?? I thought you had deserted the UK. Oh well, better late than never. I may have found a bright side to being a grown-up or adult or whatever. After a hard day’s work (yeah, that’s not the bright side) having your phone light up with a text from a friend expressing your exact thoughts, “Beer Garden?? 8ish??” I don’t think I have ever really appreciated a beer garden until now. I have decided that the luxury of driving to a wonderful pub or bar, finding that last table in the garden you can laden with drinks and surrounding it with excellent friends, was something worth waiting for.

Since the sun has finally decided to show its face this is an indulgence that is worth working all day for, worth finding those sunglasses that have been gathering dust and worth dragging yourself out in a hot and suffocating car to find somewhere where you can sit outside and let the world pass you by but for a few hours. I don’t think  many things in life that is more delightful that, settling down on a warm evening watching the night roll in with sounding yourself some choice friends and a first-rate drink. It is where lazy conversation, nostalgia and gentle laugher runs rampant. It is where friendships are cemented, love is found, places like this is where things happen lethargicly when you are not paying attention. Someone should have told me I could do this when I got older; I may have, possible, perhaps complained a little less or disliked the idea slightly less.

Haunting presence

I’ve had an odd day, I mean really odd. You know that feeling, when without having heard or seen a person, you know someone is standing very close to you; you can just sense their presence. It’s an intolerable feeling that makes you whirl around desperate to relieve the abhorrent feeling of uncertainly, to know who is there. That is how I have felt all day like there is someone horrible haunting my right shoulder, their head hovering just behind my right ear. It is an insufferable feeling; someone is almost breathing down my neck and ruffling my hair, but when I turn around there is nothing just indecipherable air.

This morning, lying contentedly in bed, I floated between dreams and consciousness; I was mundanely playing with the idea of getting up. The edge of my bed sank as someone gently sat on the mattress, for a moment I assumed my Mother had come in to my room to talk to me. She remained silent and I didn’t move, hoping to achieve a few more winks of the doze I was enjoying. The burden slowly rose from my bed and I decided I was dreaming and so could remained lying on my front with my head buried in my pillow a little longer. The weight then returned and this time oppressively clung and clung to the air around me. Something/someone lent over me from the left side of my bed, over my body to hang its head between mine and the wall. I immediately lurched up bewildered by anyone doing this to me; I struggled up frantically the atmosphere around me pushing down. There was no one there, I was met with a nonexistent presence, I was alone in my room lit by pale morning light and my own heavy breathing.

I spent the rest of the day being followed. My every move watched intently, every action and stride manically observed and met invisibly and silently. At work, several times I spun around, certain that if I moved fast enough I would see…. something. I could not alleviate the harsh impression that there was something haunting my day. Every sense seems to betray me because I felt there was something lingering I just couldn’t see or hear or touch. It’s just there, only it exists in the corner of my eye when it thinks I’m not looking and it thinks is safe.

I am completely rattled, disturbed by this absent company. I am preoccupied by the troubling sense of an angel, ghost, imagined spectre has taken to squandering time in my presence, just beyond appearance. It is finding a foul amusement agitating my nerves and unsettling me in the twilight of my cold room. I can feel it just behind me, toying with the wind chime in my window, with long blacken nails, on a twisted mottled hand. It is tinkling leisurely with the slender metal, waiting and watching for something, I just don’t know what. I think it wants to teach me that you are never too old to be frightened by nothing.

Occationally you watch something and it’s just like: yeah, that just works. It just fits in with your life, and where you are in the world. It speaks to you but also amuses you, makes you smile and feel a little bit better even if your weren’t especially down to start with.

So I thought I would share it. Enjoy 🙂

The perfect couple.


The perfect couple.

I told my friends that is they would let me take a photo of their shoes I would blog about them. I love these this pair and they are a wonderful couple and fab individuals. As people they are very different but they are a perfect compliment to one another and they make each other very happy which I’m pretty sure is the whole point. I sware there shoes speak volumes about there relationship, different colours, different sizies, different styles but they look great together, they feel great together and they work great together. They are just great together.

When am I too old to……?

I’m wondering at what age does it become unacceptable to sleep on your friend’s floor? This is a genuine concern for me as I do it lot, visiting people, nights out, going to gigs and other things. I always stay on someone’s floor, but I, er, get the impression that you proper adults/grown ups don’t do that. Soooo I kind of want I want to know at what age is it, you know, ‘improper’ for me to sleep on my friends floors?

Seriously, I mean my parents don’t slumber in sleeping bags on a mate’s carpet; so at what age do I have to start… I don’t know shelling out for hotel rooms or making other arrangements? (I have no idea what these other arrangements are.) Or is that they don’t stop snoozing on mates floors but rather that they have fewer reasons to? Do ‘adults’ stop going to gigs, stop going on nights out and getting too inebriated to drive home and stop visiting friends ? Is that why they no longer catch Zzzzzzz on floorboards?  I suppose that adults stay with other adults and adults have spare rooms, is that it?

This is just one of the many, many questions I have about being an ‘adult’; for example my friend who I went ‘white dress’ shopping with at the weekend, still goes out for coffee, orders a coke and slurps it. She getting married in 4 months and still doesn’t drink coffee and still slurps her drinks. How is she grown up enough to be married? I went to a gig on Monday; now am I allowed to go to a gig on a week night if I have work the next day or am I meant to be responsible and not go? This gig was for a band I have loved since I was 14 and my friends and I went along with every intention of re living our youth in a big way. Does that mean we are adults now because we can relive bits of our youth?  Am I too old to like cartoons, Disney Parks and teddies? If so I am definitely not adult enough to have the child that would provide the ‘permission’ for me to be seen enjoying these again.

I never used to care about these things or what other people thought about these things. Is that a sign that I’m more adult or grown up or whatever? Sod it, I really just want to know when I’ll stop getting back ache from the all that contorting as a result of sleeping on those hard floors!