Real World Blues

This photo pretty much sums up my holiday: sun, laziness, beer and aesthetically pleasing things. The only productive things I did on my holiday were learn to sail and read 5 books (both of which I actually quite proud of J ). Sailing was horrifyingly simple and I have no idea why I have spent the first 22 years of my life watching other people sail. I am by no means a great sailor, I’m not making plans to go and become a pirate queen somewhere but I know my way around a boat now, which must come in useful at some point… right??

I have finally got around to reading the Hunger Games Trilogy which means that I have spent the last couple of days since I got back explaining what happens to people who have no interest in making the effort to read the book or watch the film because they are tired of feeling out of the loop. It is a really odd series to explain, there is Panem, the Capital, the districts, the Hunger Games, a Quarter Quell, then there are the relationships and people, and then after all that you have to tell people what happens and you just end up with them staring at you appalled. I also read The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (awesome book) and the first book in the Mistborn series The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, which a friend of mine was badgering me to read at uni and I finally got around to it (impressive book).

So far coming back off holiday has sucked, massively, which really isn’t that remarkable. Weather in Britain is actually awful, rain and wind and cold. It has been miserable and completely removed from the hot temperatures I enjoyed. Work has been incredibly dull, and well it’s work, I actually have to function rather than roll out of bed, put on sun cream and position myself with a book in the sun. People at work actually expect me to be congenial and productive, not hide behind a book or sail. O and my boss still has a better tan than me which is just massively rude!!

The only plus side is coming back to WordPress, but even that has a down side as I am massively paranoid that someone will have written something amazing and I’ll have missed it. If you have, can you just tell me in the comments okay?? I would really appreciate it.

The Hunger Games


Cover of "The Hunger Games"

So I haven't read this yet.............

So this will probably only serve to demonstrate that I live in the UK and that I’m not a teenager anymore (apparently twenteen is okay but twenteenone is too much of a mouth full to be tolerated and people just give me a look of pity when I use the phase) but I haven’t actually read The Hunger Game books. I know, I know it is a disgraceful thing to state, but it’s the truth. PLEASE DON’T HURT ME, I have so much to live for, for example actually reading The Hunger Games Trilogy.

The thing is until recently I had never heard of The Hunger Games, not even a little peep, then suddenly it sort of exploded everywhere, it seems to have appendages scattered all over the place, blogs, vlogs, newspapers, magazines, posters and the television. I don’t even watch TV anymore so if I know it’s there I can’t imagine what it is like for regular viewers.  This is by no means a terrible thing, because you know what?? Colour me intrigued, what the hell have I been missing??

It isn’t just me who has been missing it, none of my friends (bear in mind most my friends are students of literature) have read it either. It just seems to have missed most of the UK, which is really disappointing considering we got Twilight, I mean really if you are going to put us through the agony of Twilight USA at least give us a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m not exactly its target audience but one of my favourite books is Artemis Fowl and that is aimed at 12 year old boys so I think I can manage The Hunger Games.  All I’ve got from posting the question on Facebook “So anyone actually read the Hunger Games?” is ridicule from my American friends for missing out on something great, obliviousness from my UK friends and surprise that it’s a book as well as a film and the general consensus that it’s better than Twilight.

Here are my questions: Is the writing decent?? Has it got a better idea then Romeo and Juliet with Vampires?? Is it interesting or am I going to feel like I’m wading through treacle?? Are the characters engaging and am I going to care about their plight?? Is it really as good a social commentary as everyone suggests?? Can I put it by H.G, Wells collection of dystopian literature?? And is it worth reading beyond the reason of seeing what all the fuss is about??

I just want to know if it will be good, that’s all?? Not that I don’t read a lot of rubbish but with all the hype I don’t want to end up despairing at the worlds taste in literature. I’ll be honest I’ll probably read it anyway I just want to know if I’m going to enjoy it or am I going to finish it and hate the world, feeling it was a really disappointing lover that lied to me about how great their performance was going to be.