Like Chalk and cheese that come in the same pod.

The differences between my elder brother, younger sister and I starts with our looks, while we share the same blue, grey eyes our features bear no resemblance. My siblings have striking Mediterranean feel about their looks, dark hair, dark skin, while I have more of an English rose thing going on with pale skin and blonde hair. They’re small, I’m big, my brother looks like my dad, my sister like my mum and I’m apparently a throwback to past generations.

The variations continue with our passions, personalities, ideals and dreams, my siblings and I are as diverse as biology can get. There is however an undeniable resemblance between us, our mannerisms mirrors each other, we are all odd and we think on the same wave length. We can tell what another will say or think or do before it has even occurred to our siblings. This leads to weird conversations, especially when we are at a music festival and spend an hour (not an exaggeration, I timed it) waiting for food. Here are some bits you probably understand because I swear the rest was just gobbledee guck.

“The new Mini Cooper doesn’t even look mini anymore it’s huge” my sister the car expert begins.

“Yeah the designers were determined to destroy the original design and point of being mini,” replies my brother.

“Shouldn’t even be called a Mini anymore, it should be a Maxi,” continues my sister

“I could totally pull off a Maxi,” grins my brother.

I haven’t been paying attention so reply with “You could borrow my Maxi dress if you want,” because crossing dressing is a definite possibly of conversation for us.


“You know what is worse than a drunk 15 year old??” I asked after watching some drunk people in the mud.

“A drunk 45 year old,” simultaneously replied my brother and sister.


“You know it took me 45 minutes to do a 15 minutes car journey-” my brother starts.

“How, WHY??” my sister interrupts.

“Your girlfriend?” I fill in


“How on earth do you know his girlfriend is the reason he took 45 minutes to do a journey?” my sister asks disgruntled.

“The only person he would go the wrong way for to avoid an argument, is for the person he is going to have sex with after the 45 minute drive,” I reply as a matter of fact.

“I thought he would have just ignored the sat nav” my sister says pulling a face.

“Definite possibility, since I don’t get to have sex with it,” my brother finishes.


“Oh I meant to tell you, James T. Kirk’s dad is Thor.” I say all excited.

“Really?” Inquired my brother.

“Yep and his mum is Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time” I nod.

“No wonder Kirk is awesome.” My brother grins.

“Are you two having a conversation like the one you had when you saw Captain America and you said the Dream Lord was in it and spent the rest of the film speculating why he was in World War 2 with the bad guy rather than watching the film?”  asks my sister.


My sister sulks “See in the real world I would be considered cooler than you two, in our family I’m the freak for not getting this.”

(Chris Hemsworth play George Kirk in Star Trek and Thor, Jennifer Morrison plays Winona Kirk in Star Trek and Emma Swan,  Toby Jones play the Dream Lord in Doctor who and Arnim Zola in Captain America; me and my brother merge an actors characters all the time make watching things much more interesting.)


“Noooooooooo” my brother hisses.

My sister and I turn“What?”

“He has dropped he food on the ground and he is picking it up grass, mud and all he is going to eat it!”

“I totally get that” my sister states.

My Brother completely disgusted ,“You are telling me that you are that desperate to save money that you would pick up a couple of quids worth of food out of the mud rather than waste it?”

“No but she is desperate enough after spending 45 minutes in this queue, very hungry ,to not waste the time she spent waiting.” I say.

“Yep, basically anything to not have to queue again.” My sister smiles.

My best bits of Geekery

I’m blonde, stylish and take fairly good care of myself, so people make an assumption about who I am before I open my mouth. I then open my mouth and their jaw drops. I’m a Geek and pretty proud of it.  These are my best bits of Geekery.

  1. I can hold a conversation about different forms of time and dimension travel from Tardis to Slider. I’m currently discussing it with a friend on Facebook. We trying to figure out if we are smart enough to create 1.12 gigawatts of energy either from recycling or whether it would be easier by become an international criminal and use nuclear energy.
  2. I honestly believe every man looks better in period (regency) costume. Examples Johnny Lee Miller, Rupert Penny Jones, Alan Rickman.                            And Colin Firth, wet and struggling for composure.
  3. Ask me any question on Happy Potter and I can answer it, even if it is an enquiry as to what event happened in which book and which chapter. I can even tell you where in Scotland Hogwarts probably is.  On that subject I own a wand and house tie.
  4. I can give you the entire back story (including reboots) on every DC character. Comic or DCAU. I even know what DCAU means.
  5. I play video games better than the average boy. I do, however, do it with a lot of very girlie screaming.
  6. I have very strong and healthy opinions on different Star Trek captains.
  7. I have an unhealthy obsession with cartoons and anime.
  8. I believe the worst thing to happen to TV was the cancellation of Firefly.
  9. I spent the down time in a summer watching Buffy because there was nothing good on TV.
  10.  I LOVE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (do not think the 80s cartoon, think the violent, passionate comics.)