Where I am the best version of me.

Is there a place where you feel like a different person, or perhaps where you feel like a superior or ultimate version of yourself? Somewhere that brings out your greatest aspects, diminishes you faults, somewhere where you excel. Mine is my old university town. I have yet to find anywhere that can make me feel safe and peaceful; it is where I formed some of great ideas about literature, art, friends and life. Aberystwyth in Wales lives in its own dazzling bubble, with little crime, vice or evil one can quite happy forget there is a big bad world beyond it boarders. It was a place where I could just be, just live and be happy.

I went through a lot of pain there but I never felt isolated or lonely. It wasn’t just the incredible people I met there, the place itself stood by my side, it laughed with me, stood close by me when I cried in the dark and stopped the world to comfort me. I miss it, I miss the people I love so much I cling to them as though I’m afraid they are a wonderful dream that will slip through my fingers. I miss the person I was there, the better, smarter, prettier and happier person. I miss the conversations about politics, books, comics, films, music, love, passion and life. I wondered if it was just me who had a place like this? Or does everyone have a place where they are the person they could be?   

Tumbling Pretties

Simple Things

The picture was taken by myself.

You know when a day starts off badly like waking up late and all your supiors at work being in a bad mood. Well that was my day right up until I got paid and jumped in my car. In my car everything massively improved. Here are the reasons why my day rocked.

  1. There are daffodils in the world and who can be miserable with those cheerful yellow faces waving in the breeze.
  2. I got to chase the clear blue sky and sunset to the west as I drove to Aberystwyth.
  3. I am now in Aberystwyth.
  4. I have a weekend of drunken debauchery and looking like an idiot ahead of me.

Okay so there aren’t really a lot of reasons why I’m happy, what can I say I’m easily pleased.